When Teeth Whitening Does Not Work

When Teeth Bleaching Does Not Work

Did you understand that in specific cases, teeth lightening is not
recommended and may not be hundred percent reliable? For
example, for kids below sixteen years whitening is not
recommended given that the pulp chamber or the nerve of the tooth
stays bigger.

Teeth bleaching listed below this age may trigger irritation of the
pulp or might make it more sensitive. Likewise, pregnant
women as well as lactating mothers should also not undergo
this procedure.


Furthermore, people having sensitive teeth and gum problems,
declining gums and problems or flaws in remediation need to
go with their dentist’s advice prior to going through the

Similarly, those having allergies to peroxide are likewise not
recommended to go through the lightening procedure.

Illness in gums and teeth and decaying enamel are likewise not
ideal cases for teeth bleaching. Any cavity in the tooth
might cause the lightening services to leak into the existing
decay causing more irritation.

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Once again, people having actually exposed tooth roots are also
prevented given that these roots do not have enamel cover.

Teeth including any sort of filling like crowns, veneer,
bonding and bridges can not be bleached. Doing so might
lead to unequal lightening and it is suggested to complete
the whitening procedure two weeks prior to the fillings.

While the yellowish spots can be bleached easily, brown,
gray, bluish-gray and purple ones reveal less reaction to
teeth bleaching.

Furthermore the result may likewise differ from person to individual.
Smokers need to refrain from smoking cigarettes throughout teeth bleaching
the procedure to get the best results. The desired color
should be a shade whiter than the whites of an eye.