Harddisk Data Recovery Service In Belgium

Data Recovery is the process of recovering and handling lost data from corrupted, damaged, or inaccessible files. The data is often retrieved from storage devices like solid-state drives, external or internal hard disks, USB flash drives, storage tapes, DVDs, CDs, RAID, as well as other electronic devices.

Reasons for Data Loss

1) Accidental Damage: This involves operating system (OS) failure, in which lost files are copied to another disk. This is performed by mounting the system disk or the removable media. Files are then transferred from the system drive to the back-up disks via a file manager or an optical disc authoring software. This type of data loss risk can often be mitigated by regularly copying or storing valuable data on different partitions.

Data Recovery Belgium

2) Disk Failure: This involves failure of hard disk, disk partition, or a file system. Data, in such cases, can be retrieved by repairing the file system, master boot record, or through hard disk recovery methods such as hard drive firmware, hardware replacements on a damaged disk, and software based corrupted data recovery. In case of failure Harddisk Data Recovery, engineers focus on one time recovery or retrieving data that can be easily read.

3) File Deleted from Storage System: In this case, the content of the deleted or lost file is not immediately removed from the drive and hence can be recovered in multiple fragments.

Why is Data Recovery Required?

The cost of losing data for a business is directly proportional to the importance of data for the organization and the duration for which it is unavailable. This involves following factors:

  1. Business continuity without data
  2. Cost of restoring the data
  3. Cost of informing users

Thus, more the critical data is stored in the storage devices and computer; the greater is the need for data backups.

Data Recovery Process

The process may vary depending on the type of data loss, software used for creating backup, as well as back-up target media. For instance, many laptop and desktop software platforms enable users to refurbish the lost files on their own, but refurbishment of a corrupted data from a tape back-up is a complicated process and requires technical expertise.

Firms Specializing in Data Recovery Services

Some firms specialize in recovering lost data. Services from such firms are mainly used for retrieving important files, which were accidentally deleted and were not backed up. Such files, though deleted from the file system, still exist in fragments on the computer disk. It is important for an organization to make disaster recovery plans so there are guidelines and procedures for recovering data.

Methods of Retrieving Data

1) Media Evaluation: Data recovery firms have the highly skilled technical team. The team tests and evaluates the device to determine the type and extent of the damage sustained. Such assessment provides the required background for determining, if data can be successfully extracted from the device as well as various actions that are required for completing the action.

2) Report Generation: After completing the above step, a report is created to share the test results with the client. After receiving authorization from the client to succeed, evaluation fee is shared with the client.

3) Media Recovery:  During this process, engineers perform necessary repairs and recover data by using proprietary tools. Consequently, the client is given access to track the ongoing work and other real-time recovery details such as a list of files that needs to be recovered. The engineers will rebuild as well as stabilize the media, after fixing the logical media errors. In addition, media imaging and bypassing media errors are required for completing the recovery service. Damage from natural elements, such as fire and water can increase the fee charged by the service provider.

4) Data Reinstallation: Post data recovery process, total data volume recovered is calculated. This will decide the media restoring deice. Based on this information, recovered data is transferred to DVD’s, CD’s, or USB drives.

Thus, data recovery service provider helps companies in streamlining the data recovery process in a customized way.