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Temporary stages, also known as portable event stages, are perfect for hotel banquet halls, school sponsored events, local concerts or shows, convention centers, dances, graduations, and any other event or ceremony that requires a stage. Portable staging is the ideal tool for anyone hosting a special event or ceremony that requires a stage. Temporary stages are safe to set up, easy to break down and convenient to store. With a wide variety of accessories to choose from, you can make your portable event stage as personal as you want.

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Staging is a science that requires lots of skills. It is not only about setting up a few seats, lights, and an improved platform. The NexGen portable Stage is one of the most important aspects of an act. Without a right stage, the best act can turn into a  flop show. You must be sure that the stage is of a proper size that will be sufficient to have the capacity for all the artists.

Portable Stage Rental By Portablestage.co.uk

We at Portablestage.co.uk carry out the transportation, assembly and disassembly of portable stageing by qualified professionals and with a wide experience in the assembly and design of scenarios for all types of events.

Portablestage.co.uk has rental of Layher scenarios and Rosco Fantek pallets which have extensible legs to solve slopes and uneven terrain, adapting to any type of surface.

We have a wide stock of pallets, stages and steps to make any type of assembly, according to the needs of the client.

We can make assemblies from floor level to the height desired by the customer using material type layer, or with platform approved from a height of 10 cm. Up to 200 cm. This material can also be used to make carp flooring or level surfaces.

We put at your disposal the possibility of decorating and completing the stage with complements such as stage backs, tarps, perimeter skirts, carpet, among others.

At Portablestage.co.uk we also offer all kinds of ancillary services, so that your event is perfect. We have anti-avalanche fences or grommets, to guarantee the safety of those attending the event.

Where to buy portable stage? We have a Portable Stage manufacturing and selling service in and around Sheffield UK. Check availability or request more information through our contact form. Our knowledgeable sales associates can answer any questions you may have. So, if you are unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to call 0845 2260 192

Website: https://www.portablestage.co.uk

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