Pioneering New Treatment For Non-Healing Wounds

Lead-in New Procedure For Non-Healing Wounds

A lead-in new medical procedure is actually available that uses the power from minute electric currents to deliver an advancement therapy for hundreds of victims of non-healing cuts including leg, foot as well as tension lesions.

Non-healing wounds are incredibly typical and also this is estimated that over half a thousand individuals in the UK deal with lower leg, foot and also pressure abscess which are actually categorised as non-healing. Along with being extremely painful, non-healing wounds can easily bring about additional health care complications and also in extreme scenarios, can inevitably result in branch amputation.

The brand-new therapy, which has remained in development for 7 years, includes using a health care wound bandaging that creates small bio-electric currents around the site of a wound which mimics naturally developing bio-electric streams. These streams possess a vital part in wound recuperation as well as, if the correct amount from electric impact is supplied to the wound, this is feasible to “kick start” the typical recovery method. The item has actually undergone considerable screening and progression and is marketed under the POSiFECT ® trademark name.

For over thirty years researchers have actually understood that tissues, the essential building blocks from all living points, communicate along with each other and are controlled through minute power currents known as “bio-currents”. This has actually been found that in some long-lived, non-healing injuries these normal electric currents are actually either nonexistent or quite weak. The brand new medical dressing attributes a micro-current shipping device which regularly as well as instantly adjusts the micro-current to amounts scientifically presented to initiate the wound healing process.

Taking care of non-healing leg ulcers and also tension abscess alone sets you back the National Health Service in excess from ₤ 2 billion yearly, and non-healing injuries create pain and also going through for lots of individuals. This exemplifies concerning 4% of the whole entire NHS yearly finances.

The new procedure will view people use POSiFECT ® in a 7 week treatment routine, where they use the suiting up for three weeks, modifying the dressing every two to three days, just before having a week certainly not using the suiting up. The procedure is actually at that point repetitived for an additional 3 full weeks. The procedure is pain-free and user-friendly.

One girl which has already taken advantage of Posifect is 72 years of age Marlene Jones coming from Basingstoke, Hampshire. She possessed a venous lesion for ten months which regardless of significant hospital treatment had constantly failed to heal. The ulcer was additionally inducing her intense discomfort, which led to her must have powerful medicines every day.

She accepted to join an analysis from the POSiFECT ® product and given that receiving the therapy she has actually viewed her ulcer cut in half in dimension in simply a couple of weeks as well as the discomfort has actually lowered so much, she not must have medicines.

Baseding on Marlene, “Weekly I possess the therapy I can easily observe the ulcer decreasing as well as this is actually now a portion of its own original dimension. The POSiFECT ® clothing has actually likewise lessened my pain levels to such a factor that I not must have painkillers. I am actually astonished through this treatment and I wish that even more folks that have to deal with wounds including mine will manage to benefit from that.”


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