Beginner Guitar Lessons In Edmonton

Guitar Instructor Music Shop in Edmonton

Established in 1992, The Guitar Instructor Music School is one of the top locations in Edmonton for music lovers.

It offers lessons for beginners and for more experienced musicians to develop their skills with the help of great teachers and lecturers.

The Guitar Instructor Music School offers lessons for various types of guitar instruments, like acoustic, bass and electric guitar. The lecturers provide individual lessons in order for students to get full and personal attention from them. After registration, the students will have to attend a one 30 minute lecture every week, and will be given lots of home tasks to do on their own. As the lectures in this school are individual, the schedules are flexible and students can register at any time. There are certain discounts in various times of the year, where the study fee is cheaper, and you can find out about them by sending an email or calling the school.


The work time for The Guitar Instructor Music School is from Monday to Saturday from 4pm till 9pm on weekdays, and on Saturday from 10am till 3pm. You can create your own schedule, by choosing one of these days and coming in on it every week, but you can change this day, if it doesn’t work out for you later.

All of the teachers in this school are experienced musicians with a degree of musical education, and the perfect skill set to communicate and understand every student’s needs. These teachers were once students themselves and understand the needed approach for beginners and for students with some background.

The Guitar Instructor Music School has been one of the best schools in Edmonton for the past 25 years as one of the most experienced and prestige faculties with great teachers and possibilities. Thousands of students have already successfully graduated this school and lots of them are now talented musicians who perform in front of big crowds, or at least masters of their favorite hobby.

Just like in any other school, the teachers in The Guitar Instructor Music School try to improve their skills with every next student, in order to provide the best service possible. It is essential to get to know each student personally to create the perfect study plan for everyone.

Are you ready to learn how to play guitar? Join us now at Guitar Lessons For Beginners Edmonton

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